Calvert Soccer Assn

Player Advisory Council

The Calvert Soccer Association Player Advisory Council (PAC) is an interactive and educational platform designed to give CSA soccer players opportunities for leadership and community service, all the while providing our athletes a meaningful and rewarding experience by contributing to our mission and community. The CSA PAC members will attend quarterly meetings regularly, create and facilitate club fundraisers, support club events, participate in community service projects, and serve as representatives of CSA to the community. Your experience on the PAC will provide positive life-lessons that you will be able to transfer to other aspects of your life. Becoming part of the CSA Player Advisory Council is an excellent addition to your prospective college and job applications.

CSA Player Advisory Council (PAC)
It is the intent of CSA to encourage, promote, and stimulate interest in club operations and governance among the club's youth members. The "Player Advisory Council Committee," or president, may appoint PAC members whom may attend board meetings and committee meetings, as advocates and spokespersons when deemed applicable. PAC members will be encouraged to represent the youth players perspective, however, Player Advisory Council representatives shall not be counted for a quorum or eligible to vote on executive board matters.

Applications are now open for the 2019/2020 CSA Player Advisory Council. Please submit an application and letter of recommendation to

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CSA Player Advisory Council (PAC) Guidelines

Purpose: To support the stability and growth of CSA by actively communicating and contributing through a player-centric forum. The "PAC" will have a sense of involvement and ownership for the club in which they play for by providing the Executive Board of Directors honest feedback in regards to all aspects of their club. The PAC will provide the Executive Board of Directors innovative ideas that they feel would benefit both the members of the club and the community in which we serve. Members of the PAC will support their approved ideas and other club events by actively contributing volunteer hours to help facilitate these events.

Operating Capacity: Any player wishing to serve on this council will have to submit a PAC Application to the commissioner of their respective division or president in order to be considered. Total member count of the PAC will not exceed 24 players. Commissioners from each division and adult committee members will work together in order to ensure proper and justifiable placement of players to the Player Advisory Council.

Chairman, Co-Chairman, and Secretary: Must be in the u-16 age group and up. All positions will be filled by a simple majority vote from their peers that serve within the PAC at their first meeting of the year. These three figure heads will serve as PAC Chair, Co-Chair, and Secretary for the entire seasonal year.

Advocates, Liaisons, & Committees: Will be appointed as the Chairman and Co-Chairman see fit on a need- based criteria/ timeline to those that are willing to do so. When there is conflict or disagreement in such formation of these committees, the CSA Executive Board member that is present at that meeting will assist the players by guiding them through the process of making a reasonable and responsible decision. Possible committees include and are not limited to community service, fundraisers, social media, club events, and/or player development.

Oversight: Oversight and minimal assistance from any CSA Executive Board of Directors member or adult committee member will be provided at each meeting the PAC holds. The Chairman and Co-Chair will facilitate these meetings. The secretary will be responsible for contacting their peers in regard to notice of meetings, the meeting agenda, recording meeting minutes, and providing prior meeting minutes.

Eligibility: Any registered CSA player in the u-14 age group and up. (Recreational or Travel). Players to serve on the PAC must be in good standing with CSA.

Meetings: Will be held 3-4 times per year. Ideally there should be a meeting prior to the start of each season (fall, winter, & spring) and at the closing of the spring season. However, the Player Advisory Council will have the final decision in regard to frequency of meetings.