Calvert Soccer Assn

Recreation FAQs

Below are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) provided as a resource to our members to help them resolve issues prior to and during the season. The CSA rules and laws of the games take precedence over the FAQs if a discrepancy arises.

I want my child to be on the same team as his friend from the neighborhood OR I want to have my child on this coach's team, how do I do that?

• Sorry, but CSA employs a random assignment of players to teams. Special requests are NOT honored. There is no guarantee of placement of a child on a team except for the coach and one assistant coach's kids. (hint, hint: If you want to have your child and another play on the same team, SIGN UP TO COACH!! We do offer training)

How do you determine your age groups?

• We are based on USYSA calendar year which runs from January 1st to December 31st. See our rules for age group breakdowns as they may change from year to year.

We don't live in Calvert, can we still sign up for your program?

• Yes, we have people from St. Mary's, Charles, and Anne Arundel that participate in our program.

My child also plays another sport/activity in the spring, can we still register to play soccer?

• Yes but you need to know that you've made a commitment to your coach and the team. It is unfair to everyone if you child continually misses practices and/or games. That should be a consideration in your decision.

I've never played Spring soccer before but I played Fall soccer, do I need to provide a copy of the birth certificate/proof of age?

• Yes if you have not played in a CSA program. CSA only runs U5-U8 Fall recreational soccer program. U9 - HS age group is run by Calvert County Parks and Recreation.

When do practices start?

• In the Fall, practices typically begin late August. Spring Practice typically begins mid-March. See CSA calendar for dates. Near mid-August/mid-March, you will be contacted by your childs coach. This takes place after the roster meeting which is also held in mid-August/mid-March. Tykes program usually start their sessions the same time recreational games begin. Tykes will be contacted by the Tykes instructor.

When and where are games?

• Games are typically on Saturday and run from 9 AM until we get them all in (usually by late afternoon). There are usually two or three Sunday afternoon games. Please note that older teams will play a majority of their games on Sunday afternoons. The regular season has 6-8 games (weather permitting) depending on the number of teams and availability of fields. At the end of the Spring season, a tournament is held in which every team is guaranteed at least one game but may play as many of five games to win the Calvert Cup! Games in Fall will begin in September. Spring Games will begin in April. No games are played on major holiday weekends. The tournament is the first or second weekend of June. Some games may also be played during that week. Games run about an hour. We strive to hold all of our games at the centrally located Hallowing Point Park. This centrally located complex allows families with multiple children to participate in each child's game without having to drive from one facility to another. See CSA calendar for dates.

I can only have my player attend practices on certain day/time/location, when do you practice?

• Teams can only meet up to 3 times a week which is typically one - two practices and a game on Saturday. Practice times are selected by the Coach. We will NOT switch a player to another team due to practice day/time/location conflicts. When you sign up to play soccer, it is a commitment to get the player there. Your player may be active in other activities, like dance or baseball, but it is unfair to your player, the other players on the team, and the volunteer coach if you consistently cannot make practices or will consistently miss one practice each week. If the practice date/time/location is going to be an issue that you are not willing to try to accommodate, then we recommend you DO NOT sign your player up to play soccer. If you want to control the practice day(s)/time/location, then sign up to coach and then you can decide when the practice day(s) will be. Refunds are NOT given once registration is closed and/or child is placed on a team.

Where do you practice?

• When you sign up, you select a practice location (North, Central, South). The North (From Dunkirk to Huntingtown) typically practices at Twin Shields, Dunkirk Park, Windy Hill, Plum Point; Central (From Huntingtown to Broomes Island) at Hallowing Point Park, Calvert Middle School, or Plum Point Elementary; South (From Broomes Island to Solomons) at Appeal Elementary, Dowell Elementary, Solomon's Town Center, BGE field. The practice fields can change year to year as Calvert County Parks and Rec controls the fields. If you coach, you can choose your practice day. Otherwise, your assigned coach sets the practice day/time. There are NO refunds or changing of teams because of practice day(s)/time/location issues.

I have two children the same age, will they be on the same team?

• Yes, we place siblings on the same team unless you state otherwise. Indicate the siblings on your registration form

Why do you offer a girls only league and not a boys only league?

• We originally only sponsored coed divisions but a need arose for a girls only division. This was well received and swelled our ranks with many children. Most girls play in the girls only division. There does not seem to be a need to make a boys only division.

My Daughter is the only female player on the Coed team can she be moved to a girls team?

• No, when you registered her you had the option to chose coed or girls. There is always a possibility she may be the only female on a coed team. Once teams are formed and uniforms are ordered no changes are allowed.

What equipment do I need to provide for my player?

• The player will need a ball (see our laws for the size; Note that a ball is provided for the Tykes instructional group) and shin guards. Shin guards are required at all practices and games. If they fail to have them, they cannot participate. Shin guards for games are worn under the socks. Cleats are recommended and strongly encouraged, but not required. Good turf shoes will suffice. Any shoe that is dangerous to the player and others is not allowed (i.e. metal baseball spikes, steel toed army boots, ...). CSA requires recreation players to purchase a recreation uniform if they don't already have one.

My child is very talented and I want to provide a higher level of competition, what can I do?

• CSA sponsors teams that offer a higher level of competition and some travel around MD/VA/PA/DE. You can check them out on our web page. Or we do allow you child to 'play up' one year if you feel they are talented enough and their birthdate is within 2-3 months of the next age group cutoff date. CSA highly recommends that you only play up when it is in the best interest of the child and not for the convenience of the parent. We do not always award a child to "play up". This is also based on availablity on teams. A player has to have prior approval from the Recreation Committee before they can "play up".

My child is older and has never played soccer before, should I be concerned?

• No, our program is recreational. The focus is the development of your children. From small sided games to 'must play' rules to providing licensing programs for our coaches, our interest is in your child. We have many kids at all ages that come to CSA for the first time to play soccer.

I missed registration deadline but a coach said he/she has an extra uniform and he/she said that my child can play on his team. Is this OK?

Absolutely NOT OK! Players are only assigned to teams by CSA's team selection (not by coaches or anyone else). As the coaches inform us of players that have dropped off their roster, we will backfill from the waitlist. Additionally, only registered players are covered by CSA's insurance. If not selected, your fee will be refunded shortly after the beginning of games (see CSA calendar for game schedule). If a player is found playing for a team they are not rostered too, the player and coach will be brought in front of the R&D committee and could possibly be removed from the CSA organization as a member.

My child is a late registrant but I talked to a coach/parent/CSA Representative and he/she said that my child can play on a team. Is this OK?

Absolutely NOT OK! Players are only assigned to teams by CSA's team selection (not by coaches or anyone else). As the coaches inform us of players that have dropped off their roster, we will backfill from the waitlist. Only registered players are covered by CSA's insurance. If not selected, your fee will be refunded shortly after the beginning of games (see CSA calendar for game schedule). If a player is found playing for a team they are not rostered too, the player and coach will be brought in front of the R&D committee and could possibly be removed from the CSA organization as a member.

I missed the registration deadline or the registration for my childs age or location is closed, now what can I do?

• We are on a first come, first serve basis. As long as your age group and practice area shows open, you can register. If the age group shows closed, we are no longer accepting registrations for that age group and practice area. Please consider registering for a different practice area or if you are a girl, try both coed and girls divisions. If the age group shows waitlist, you must register and pay online. This is the only method used to place your child on the waitlist. The availability information is updated often and while it may appear that when you registered, a slot was open, that slot may have been filled by a registration that came in before yours. If this happens and your child is not placed on a team, you will be refunded. Always email a Recreation Committee member and ask if you are unsure.

My child is a late registrant and on the waitlist, when will I find out if he/she made a team?

• We maintain the waitlist until the week of the first game. We have found that occasionally a few children drop from the program sometimes during the first two weeks of practice and we want to give all waitlisted children a chance. If selected, a coach will contact you. If not selected, your full fee will be refunded shortly after the beginning of games (see CSA calendar for game schedule).

What ages can play?

• Age 4 to 19 based on the USYSA calender year. For more detailed info see the rules. Also 19 year olds must still be in high school.

My child is the youngest in their age group and is small for their age, can I play them down into a lower age group?

• Sorry, but no. Children must play in their own age group. CSA's insurance requires this. As well as over 100 coaches have voted to not allow any child to play down (possible exception children playing down into Tykes instructional division, but prior approval is required).

I have a 3 year old, can he/she play soccer?

• The Tykes instructional program is for 2 1/2 - 4 year olds. It is an instructional program that meets once/week. See website on Tykes for more information about the program.

What are the age groups?

• See our rules on the website for current age groups.

I have had a bad experience with one coach and do not want to go through another season like that again. What do I do?

• Teams are randomly assigned by the computer. There are no guarantees. You cannot ask to be placed on a certain coach's team (unless you are the assistant coach). We do understand that there are sometimes issues that need resolution and we will work with you. If this occurs, please contact us and we will try to resolve. Or you can coach or assistant coach and head off the problem in advance.

When do I find out what team my child is on?

• You will be notified by the coach or a CSA Representative. See CSA calendar for dates that teams are selected. You will typically hear from the coach within one week of season beginning. If you don't, contact your player's AGC or a Recreation Committee Member.

I've been put on a team without a coach but I registered in January. Why don't I have a team with a coach?

• At the registration deadline, we set the number of teams. If we have more teams than coaches, which happens often, some teams are going to be created without a coach. Teams are then randomly formed by the computer. Your registration submission date does not factor in to which team you are assigned to. Players on teams without coaches are contacted with an emphasis that one of the parents needs to lead the team. If no one volunteers, the team is disbanded, your monies will be refunded, and your child will not play soccer that season. We are an all volunteer organization and all coaches are also volunteers. To avoid getting that dreaded email about being on a team without a coach, you can volunteer to coach ahead of time or team up with someone to be their assistant coach.

My child has been placed on a team whose practices conflict with other activities. Can I swap teams?

Once a child is placed on a team, NO players/parents/coaches can negotiate any trades or move players. Players are assigned to teams on a weighted random distribution to try to level out the talent. While there may be cases where the need is genuine, abuses in the past have taken place with teams becoming 'stacked'. Over 100 coaches have voted to not allow this activity to happen. If CSA made a mistake during team assignments, please contact your age group commissioner and we will rectify those situation. If you accidentally registered your child in the wrong practice location, please contact your age group commissioner and we will review those situations. In most cases, the move will not be permitted. If your child has other activities that you want to schedule around, then you need to volunteer to coach or assist with someone that has the same desired practice times (Children of the coach and assistant coach are placed on the same team and not entered into the random draft). Coaches pick the practice times. Any coach or parent that is involved in an unsanctioned swap will be subject to disciplinary action that will include the loss of the ability to attend games and may also include the loss of the player's ability to continue to play for CSA. If a player is found playing for a team they are not rostered too, the player and coach will be brought in front of the R&D committee and could possibly be removed from the CSA organization as a member.

I may be picked up by a CSA travel team, will I be refunded my recreation registration?

• If you cancel your registration before the registration deadline, you will receive a refund less the processing fee. If you drop after the deadline, there is NO refund of the registration fee. All select teams are aware that they need to make their selections prior to the registration deadline in order for the player to not lose their monies.

I received a player number but had a problem with the payment portion. What do I do?

• If you are unable to complete the payment portion of the registration process, your child is NOT registered. In order to protect your credit, our service will decline if it determines a discrepancy (ie the name or address on the card does not match the data you entered). We do not receive the details of why it was declined. Please contact your banking institution to ascertain the reason for the decline. If you have trouble submitting the payment, this is most likely due to your browser. Install the latest version of the browser to ensure compatibility with the payment service.

Do I have to have a background check to be a coach or assistant coach?

• Yes, Everyone who works with children MUST have a background check by the National Background corporation. No other background check will be accepted. NO ONE is allowed to help the coach unless they have a background check. NO exceptions. This rule is for the safety of the children. There is no cost for this background check.

BGCs are good for 1-2 years and you only need to take one per person , not per position. We do not charge coaches for this but it cost CSA money so please only click submit once.

When and how do I find out about practices and games?

• Your player's coach or CSA Representative will contact you after the roster meeting. If your child is playing Tykes instructional, then you will hear from the Tykes coordinator prior to season beginning.

How do I get involved?

• Sign up to coach or volunteer through your age group commissioners to help staff registration, handle fundraisers, etc. You may also email with your inquiry.

Why do you have fundraising events?

• Your registration fee typically does not fully cover the costs associated with the program (referees, field supplies, field lining, insurance, administrative, website, etc...). We receive no government subsidies. Please support the fundraisers so we can improve the quality of the program.

How are you associated with Calvert County Parks and Rec?

• We are not associated with county government CCPR. We are a separate non-profit volunteer organization that has been around since 1984. Our program is focused solely on soccer and making the program great for your child.

We can't afford the registration fee. What can we do?

• Contact the Rec Commissioner or Treasurer as we do offer scholarships based on financial need. Money is limited so please keep in mind this fund is for children who really who are in true need. We do not want any child not to have an opportunity to play due to cost issues. The arrangement is private and confidential.

I don't have a computer and cannot register online. How do I pay?

• The Calvert County Library system offers free internet access on their computers or request access via a neighbor or friend that has a compatible machine.

The referee called a poor game, what do I do?

• Be supportive of him/her. They are human and sometime they do make a bad call. But the call is theirs to make. Many calls are judgmental and the ref is not required to call every foul that occurs. The spirit of the laws is to allow the game to flow. If the player is about to score, the referee may not take away an advantage. The more experienced referees will make many 'delayed' calls so they can see how a play is going to turn out. Many coaches and spectators don't understand why the call is delayed and begin to yell.

They are all certified and are required to take a 16 hour course and pass a exam. They also take a re-certified class each year.

Abuse of the referee is not tolerated before, during, or after a game. We do want to hear back about referees if you have an issue (good or bad). Contact the referee assignor. We also have game protest procedures that can be followed. See the rules for details. Or you can become a certified referee and improve the game yourself! We do offer initial referee training classes.

I am having a problem with the attitudes of parents on my team or the opposing team, what do I do?

• Notify your coach and contact your age group commissioner immediately.

My child is not getting enough playtime, what do I do?

• There is a mandatory minimum playtime for every recreational player. See our rules. If this is not being met or you have an issue, contact your age group commissioner.

I am having a problem with my coach, how do I resolve it?

• Contact your age group commissioner. See website organization for contact information.

I don't want to register and pay online, how do I enroll?

• We no longer offer in person registration. Our online service uses a secure internet connection. Mail-ins are NOT accepted nor hand delivery. You must use the online service. If you don't have a debit or credit card, make arrangements with a friend or neighbor to use their card.

I need to change some information on the registration form, how do I get it fixed or I have a registration issue.

• You will be able to fix a lot of information yourself via a link on the player registration page. For information that is not editable, please send an email to your age group commissioner.

What if I order the wrong size uniform? Can I trade it in?

• No, uniforms are purchased based on registration information that you provided. We do not buy extras. You will have to purchase another uniform (or portion thereof). The link to order a new or partical uniform will be displayed after team formation. You need to provide payment and notify your coach immediately so the order can be placed. We take change orders only for a limited amount of time.

I have the reversible Parks and Rec jersey, do I need to buy a uniform?

• We are not part of Calver County Parks and Rec. You will need to purchase a CSA Recreational Uniform Kit.

Are games canceled due to weather/rain?

• Games are rarely canceled due to weather. Soccer is played in the rain (and snow!) Only the referee can terminate a game if conditions become unsafe (i.e. lightning). Any changes to game schedules will be announced through email, cell phone text system, and/or posted on the website.

Two kids (not siblings) from a blended family living in the same house at the same age level were assigned to different teams. The parents want them on the same team. Can one be moved?

• Yes. Neither the parents, nor the coaches are involved in determining which team the children are assigned. Contact the Rec Commissioner. The children will normally be assigned to the team with the fewest players. If the parents indicated in their registration that the children should be assigned to the same team, CSA will reorder and pay for a new uniform. If the parents did not request during registration that the children be assigned to one team, then the parents need to pay for a new uniform.

While teams are assigned by random draft, is(are) my child(ren) placed on my team?

• Yes. If you are selected as the coach or assistant coach, your child will be placed on your team .

How do I order an additional coach's shirt for my assistant?

• At the first meeting, you will be able to order and pay for additional coach shirts.

When I registered to coach, I didn't have an assistant and now I do. How can I get you this information?

• First and foremost, the assistant must register and indicate you as the coach. Then you must email the appropriate registrar with the details. Please note that after team selection, assignment of assistant will not occur.

My child's team had no one step forward to coach so I volunteered. Do I still need to register?

• Yes. This ensures that we have your contact information and a background check is completed.

When are the meetings to pick up rosters, select practice fields, …?

• Check the calendar for dates and locations

As a coach, who do I contact when I have questions?

• If you can't find the answer from the information posted on the website, then contact your age group commissioner. The commissioner info is available from the menu item About\Organization.

How do I ensure that my assistant's child is assigned to my team? Or Does my assistant need to register?

• BOTH the coach and assistant MUST register and reference each other. Please ensure that you identify your child that will be assigned to your team. We must have both parties registered in order to ensure that we can perform the team assignments.

What equipment do I need?

• No equipment is required to coach. Every player should bring their own ball. Cones are handy to help mark areas but you can use anything to delineate an area (water bottles, bags, ...). Whistles are not recommended and are more of a distraction. Your team will need a good quality 'game ball' to use during the season.

How are coaches selected?

• Coaching assignments are done on a variety of factors: Years Experience with CSA, Years Experience overall, Number of teams requested, Coaching Licenses Held, Volunteer Activities for CSA, Past Experience of players and parents, Commissioners and/or Board Experience with the Candidate, Referee's Experience with the Candidate, ... all go into the equation.

Many members of my team are going to be unavailable for the upcoming game, can I reschedule?

• Sorry but NO games will be rescheduled on that basis. While we try to make accommodations for many events (holidays), our season is relatively short. Players are involved in so many other activities (band and chorus, boy and girl scouts, religious and community events, clubs, after school events, other sports, ...). It is unfair to assess which of these are more important and shall take precedence. You are allowed to play down with less players and the other team can play you 'even' in the spirit of the game. See the laws for more details. Even if the opposing coach is accommodating, the logistics involved with scheduling, field times and referees are not. While each circumstance may be well intentioned, accommodating any sets a precedence that will yield unbounded requests for schedule changes. Additionally, abuses in the past by overzealous coaches have taken advantage of opposing teams by claiming conflicts that really didn't exist or put the opposing team at a disadvantage. At times, players and parents are going to have to make an independent choice, keeping in mind that CSA spring soccer is a recreational activity. This policy is the result of a decision of all coaches during a general membership meeting.

A child got injured at a game/practice. Does the coach need to do anything?

• Yes, the coach needs to download a copy of the incident report from the web site, fill it out and submit it to the CSA secretary. The form is available by accessing, going to "coaches" and then to "forms." It is a good idea to encourage coaches to print off some of these forms at the beginning of the season and have them with them at games and practices. At the actual time of an injury, it is the parents' decision whether to call 911. If the parent is not present, the decision to call 911 rests with the coach. If possible, try to find a parent at the field who is a doctor or a nurse to help assess the situation. If the child is unconscious for any amount of time or has trouble breathing or you suspect a fracture, seek medical care immediately.


• If a forfeit occurs, the game is ruled as a non-game and no score or points are awarded to either team. CSA will investigate the reason for the forfeit and apply sanctions as needed. A forfeit is not an acceptable outcome.

A parent is complaining that his/her child got the wrong size uniform. Does CSA replace it?

• Probably not. If the sizes match what the parent ordered, the parent must reorder and PAY for a new uniform. This needs to happen quickly as CSA only conducts one reordering at the beginning of the season. The coach of the team should investigate whether a uniform trade among teammates will solve the problem; however, no one should be forced to give up the uniform size they ordered. If CSA or the supplier made the sizing error, CSA will arrange to order a new uniform.

A coach wants to protest a game, what does he/she do?

• Refer to the web site for "Laws Of The Game". You are encouraged to recognize that CSA cannot question judgment calls made by the referees. This is a recreational league and the outcome of games should not be that important. If coaches are unhappy with the performance of the referee, they should contact the head of officials with specific concerns.

After you evaluate your stance, you can refer to the rules for the procedure on filing a protest.

Note: No protests are honored during the tournament.

A coach complained of a poor referee at the last game. There will be no protest, but the coach wants to know who to talk to?

• The coach should inform the Head of Officials or contact their Age Group Commissioner.

There is a conflict between a parent and a coach. What do I do?

• Contact your Age Group Commissioner to help the coach and parent resolve their differences. The commissioner will provide a neutral and impartial arbitrator. If necessary, the commissioner will interview other parents on the team to get a balanced view of the issue. If the conflict persists, seek higher-level assistance from the executive commissioner and the board.

A child was assigned to the wrong age group and the parents want the child moved to the right group. What do I do?

• Contact your Age Group Commissioner. They will review the information with the registrar to resolve this and inform the Rec Commissioner. The registrar will check the initial registration, make the determination of which new team to assign the child and will order a new uniform, if necessary. If CSA made the error, there is no charge to the parents. If the registration was in error, the parents will need to purchase a new uniform.

A child living in one practice region (North, Central, South) was assigned to a team in another region. What do I do?

• Contact the division commissioner who will contact the registrar and inform the executive commissioner. The registrar will check the initial registration. If CSA made the error, CSA will make the determination of which new team to assign the child and will order a new uniform, if necessary. If the registration was a parent error, in most cases no move will be permitted. If a move is allowed, the parents will need to purchase a new uniform.

I have a game schedule conflict, how do I change my game time?

• We understand your predicament. We are an all volunteer organization of parents. A handful of these parents volunteer to do more than coach and make the club a reality by managing the registration, scheduling, fields, … .

• There are always scheduling conflicts. This is a recreational soccer league and there are times when events in family's lives are more important than a game. Trying to accommodate all or any personal scheduling requests is ineffective.

• We are always looking for help and if you feel that you can improve upon the scheduling for 1500+ players, 140+ teams, 600+ games, 80+ referee assignments and make adjustments for every player, parent and coach that has a game conflict, we are interested.

• We're sorry that you've ended up with this conflict, but do appreciate that you have taken the initiative to volunteer to lead a team.

The opposing coach and I have mutually rescheduled our game, how do I report the scores?

NO coaches are permitted to 'reschedule' their own games. All schedule changes must come from CSA. We understand that conflicts with personal schedules may occur. Just remember that this is a recreational league. It takes a large effort to schedule 600+ games and we cannot revisit everyone's desires for schedule changes. Any coach involved in an unofficial rescheduling a game will be sanctioned, the game forfeited and the game will not be replayed.

Inclement Weather Policy

• Regardless of weather conditions, coaches and their teams must report to the field of play as scheduled, ready to play, unless otherwise notified by CSA via the website and/or email. A member of Calvert County Parks and Recreation at the facility may close the soccer fields (NOTE: Baseball can be canceled and soccer can continue to be played). Failure to appear will result in forfeiture of the match. Only the assigned referee or the Tournament Committee can cancel or delay a match.

• NOTE: If the fields close in the morning, afternoon games may still be played. Consult the website for details.

• If a game is suspended by the referee due to inclement weather, it may be suspended up to ONE hour. Teams should NOT leave the facility and should be ready to play anytime during that hour delay.

• If a inclement weather occurs during the tournament, the delay can be up to 4 hours.

Lightning Safety / Weather

• Suspending and restarting games based on the presence of lightning

• Lightning Safety Policy excerpted from National Collegiate Athletic Association

• The current recommendation of the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) is to consider terminating play when the lightning is six miles away (flash-to-bang time of 30 seconds or less). This recommendation was developed as a practical way to make a judgment in situations where other resources such as technology and instrumentation are not available.

• As a minimum, CSA strongly recommends that by the time the flash-to-bang count is 30 seconds all individuals should have left the game site and reached a safe structure or location.

• In addition, a smaller, but still real, risk exists with the presence of lightning at greater distances. Unfortunately, current science cannot predict where within the radius the next strike will occur.

• The existence of blue sky and the absence of rain are not protection from lightning. Lightning can, and does, strike as far as 10 miles away from the rain shaft. It does not have to be raining for lightning to strike.

• The flash-to-bang method is the easiest and most convenient way to estimate how far away lightning is occurring. Thunder always accompanies lightning, even though its audible range can be diminished because of background noise in the immediate environment and its distance to the observer. To use the flash-to-bang method, count the seconds from the time the lightning is sighted to when the clap of thunder is heard. Divide this number by five to obtain how many miles away the lightning is occurring.

• When considering resumption of a game, everyone ideally should wait at least 20-30 minutes after the last flash of lightning or sound of thunder before returning to the field of activity.

• No lightning safety policy guidelines will provide 100% guaranteed safety; however, following this guideline will help avoid most casualties or injuries.
No referee was available for my game or the assigned ref is unable to officiate the game, what do I do?

Referee "No Show"

As this is a recreational league and we have a very tight schedule to get in all of the games, a referee "no show" will NOT be a reason to cancel the game. The teams shall try to find another referee at the park. If no replacement referee is found within 15 minutes after the game start time, the opposing coaches will mutually agree to an emergency referee(s) who will officiate the entiregame, the game shall be played and the results of the game shall be official. Unless there are extraordinary circumstances, games will NOT be rescheduled or replayed due to a "referee no show". A game not played due to a "referee no show" will be recorded as a forfeit to both teams.

Addressing referee abuse (referee)

• If you feel intimidated or abused by any player or coach or spectator, even if you did not issue any cards, please notify the head of officials about the incident. People occasionally become irrational and overzealous. We need to be aware of these incidents and address the behavior. Your input is required and will be handled sensitively.

Game Reports (referee)

• A written game report must be sent to the head of officials if you eject any player, coach, or spectator or if you are informed by either coach that they are filing a protest.

Score Reporting (referee)

• As the referee for the game, you must maintain the official score. Presently scores are being reported by the coaches to the age group commissioner. In case of any discrepancy, you will be required to provide the official score for the game.

NOTE: In the case of a game that has a score differential of 7 or more (ie 9-2), you must report that game to the head of officials within 24 hours..

How do I sign-up and get started? (referee)

• There are two sign-ups. You must register, once certified, with CSA to referee with us. You also must sign-up for the initial referee class, on the USSF website.

Will there be a Referee class next summer/fall? (referee)

• The referee classes are established by the Maryland USSF organization. There is no guarantee that a class will be held in Calvert County next fall. Check online at http://www.marylandsoccer/referees

How will CSA add new referees to the referee roster? (referee)

• New referees will be added based on first come, first served basis. However, there will be two lists. High school age/adult and youth (12-14).

Will CSA guarantee me a job, if I become certified? (referee)

• Sorry but we can't guarantee. We try to keep our experienced referees, to keep the quality as high as possible by assigning the most experienced referees a reasonable number of games per season. That said, many games are turned back in during the season by referees that are unable to officiate that day.

How much does a ref uniform cost? (referee)

• It varies. $50 to $120. You should check prices online.

How much does CSA pay for the referees? (referee)

• The pay is different for each age group and postion (AR or Center). Pay ranges from $8 to >$25 per game.

How many games (refereeing positions) are there each season? (referee)

• 800-900