Calvert Soccer Assn

Volunteers & AGCs

*** Please remember that all Staff are volunteers and have day jobs and families to attend to. Emails will be answered as time allows and some may be answered via other means such as club wide emails. ***

2019/2020 Recreation Volunteers

Registrar Elyse King
Uniform & Picture Coordinator Caryla Mohr
Tournament Coordinator
Head of Officials Guy Williams
Referee Assignor Todd West
U5/U6 Academy Director Erin Samleffer
U7/U8 Academy Director Erin Samleffer
Field Coordinator Elyse King
North Field Coordinator Stacey Strutt
Central Field Coordinator Amy Prozbocki
South Field Coordinator Terry Goss

2019/2020 Recreation Age Group Commissioners

Tykes RC Eliff
U5 (2015 birth year) DeeDee Wilson
U6 (2014 birth year) DeeDee Wilson
U7 (2013 birth year) Terry Goss
U8 (2012 birth year) Terry Goss
U9/U10 (2011/2010 birth years) Tony Murillo
U11/U12 (2009/2008 birth years) Gary Litka
U13/U14 (2007/2006 & 2005 Middle Schoolers) Rob Walker
U15+/HS (2005 - 2001 birth years) Eric Whitall